IFEC provides every student with strong support during the entire programme. IFEC developed an innovative pedagogy and customised services to help the students to succeed through the 5 year-programme and the building of their professional project.

* The success rate on the entire curriculum is of 80% : 192 out of 239 students who studied at IFEC in 2012 and 2013 obtained their chiropractor diploma.

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success rate on the whole curriculum*


A maximum of 100 students per year

Continuous assessment, a major success factor in our school

To ensure students make regular progress, we established continuous assessment throughout the programme, on both theoretical and practical subjects. There are regular assessments for each subject in addition to final semester exams. In the fifth year, there is daily appraisal of skills acquisition in a clinical setting.

Individual and personalised support

In the middle of the semester, students whose performance does not meet the expectations, and all those who make a request, receive individual support from VESCO for both personal and school-related problems.

Psychological support if needed

Each student can request to see a psychologist through the Point Accueil Écoute et Orientation (PAEO - the Counselling and Guidance Centre). It is a free service and is independent from IFEC.

Engaged and responsive teachers

We apply a shared classroom format, allowing students to freely interact with their teachers, who quickly answer questions relating to course content, and delve more deeply into certain subjects.

Inter-class clubs to explore chiropractic techniques

Clubs organised around various chiropractic techniques are offered in addition to scheduled courses. They are supervised by a licensed chiropractor and allow our students from all classes to share ideas and progress together.

Alumni community

Students build a strong spirit of mutual support throughout the 5 year-programme and this spirit lasts after they graduate. Alumni can come and share their experience as chiropractors with students. Many of them welcome students during training in their private practice.


The Imaging laboratory: Since this subject is critical to the chiropractic profession, each campus has an equipped laboratory to allow small groups of students to deepen their interpretation skills.

The HVLA (High-Velocity Low-Amplitude) laboratory: Since 2017, each IFEC student’s progress in terms of precision and speed of their technical movements has been evaluated in a specific laboratory that uses equipment unique in Europe: The Force Sensing Tables.

ifec accompnement chiropraxie


Whether to simplify our students’ daily life, with photocopy credit or provision of comfortable spaces across the school or launching their career path by providing clinical exam kits and a gown for their internship at the Clinic, IFEC provides material to foster learning.

Especially concerning the professional career, equipment such as clinical exam cases and mandatory clinic blouse.


Les personnes en situation de handicap peuvent contacter le référent PSH :
Tél:  05 32 26 26 32