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Gender equality is a major social issue that concerns us all, personally and professionally. Established by the “Professional Future” law of September 5, 2018, the Gender Equality Index is an axis for measuring equal pay made up of 4 indicators and scored out of 100 points.

 Here are the scores at IFEC:

  • Gender pay gap: 36/40 points
  •  Difference in individual increase rate: 35/35 points
  • Percentage of employees whose wage was increased on their return from maternity leave: 15/15 points
  •  Number of women among the 10 highest salaries: 5/10 points

The IFEC's score in 2021 is 91/100.

This result is encouraging and reflects IFEC's commitment to professional equality. It reflects the values ​​associated with our mission to train health professionals. However, we must continue our efforts in favor of the feminization of management positions and anchor our salary policy more firmly in order to guarantee gender parity and equality throughout the career of our employees.