The Franco European Chiropractic Institute is a not-for-profit association governed by the French Law 1901. 

It was set up in 1983 by volunteer chiropractors to develop an education programme and training on chiropractic in France.

Today, the Institute has 180 employees – administrative staff, teachers, clinicians, teacher-researchers – on 2 campuses located at Ivry-sur-Seine (near Paris) and Toulouse.

The Institute has 3 missions:


Provide chiropractic education to the future chiropractors in accordance with the French regulations and international standards (ECCE).


Offer continuing education to qualified chiropractors wishing to expand their knowledge and skills to a higher level.


Conduct work research in the field of chiropractic and develop partnerships with other colleges and universities in France and abroad.

IFEC is the only chiropractic school in France. It is a private school with non-profit status. We therefore receive no subsidies and our operations are completely dependent on the tuition paid by students and the apprenticeship tax. Our non-profit status ensures that any amount received goes entirely to IFEC’s operations and development, the quality of our teaching and our equipment.