Created in 1983 by French chiropractors trained abroad, IFEC is the only school in France entitled to deliver a Chiropractic degree licensed by the Ministry of Health, which allows graduates to use the title of Chiropractor in France and abroad.
It is located in Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine) and Toulouse.
Chiropractic studies are a 5 year-full-time programme.

étude de santé


#1 Master’s-level degree recognised

We provide a Level 7 RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification) Master’s-level degree recognised by the French Ministry of Health and accredited by the ECCE (European Council on Chiropractic Education).

#2 A complete Master’s level training:

Five years of full-time study, close to 5,000 hours, 300 ECTS credits, 85 teaching units, a minimum of 300 consultations performed by each student. Cutting-edge technical teaching starting from the first year, with approximately 800 hours throughout the course.

#3 Cutting-edge technical teaching

Cutting-edge technical teaching starting from the first year, with approximately 800 hours throughout the course.

#4 Two exclusive Chiropractic Clinics

Each campus has a clinic where students perform the 300 consultations required to complete their training. They are supervised by a team of experienced clinicians and receive their patients individually in one of 50 treatment rooms.

#5 Committed teachers:

80 chiropractors, doctors, researchers and university professors, teaching various subjects and 50 clinicians, all experienced chiropractors.

#6 amazing infrastructures and technical equipment

Most amazing infrastructures and technical equipment in Europe: 8,000 m² of space, 5 amphitheatres, 5 classrooms, 8 practice rooms, 2 Force Sensing Tables, 4 Anatomage® tables, 200 treatment tables, and research, anatomy and radiology labs.

#7 Educational support

Throughout the programme: continuous assessment, individualised support, tutoring, and everything our students need for the successful completion of their education.

#8 Career guidance

 Career guidance throughout the programme, with in-depth career preparation during the fifth year.

#9 A lively student community:

un BDE garant de la bonne humeur et d’une vie étudiante épanouissante et 2 associations spécifiques : Kheir d’Afrik, une association humanitaire chiropratique intervenant régulièrement en Afrique de l’Ouest et le WORLD CONGRESS OF CHIROPRACTIC STUDENTS (WCCS), qui crée des échanges et des événements avec les étudiants en chiropraxie du monde entier.

#10 A graduate network

A graduate network, Alumni, which serves as a source of discussion and transmission.