Created in 1983 by French chiropractors trained abroad, IFEC is the only school in France entitled to deliver a Chiropractic degree licensed by the Ministry of Health, which allows graduates to use the title of Chiropractor in France and abroad.
It is located in Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine) and Toulouse.
Chiropractic studies are a 5 year-full-time programme.

étude de santé


#1 Master’s-level degree recognised

We provide a Level VII RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification) Master’s-level degree recognised by the French Ministry of Health and accredited by the ECCE (European Council on Chiropractic Education).

#2 A complete Master’s level training:

five years of full-time study, close to 5,000 hours, 300 ECTS credits, 85 teaching units, a minimum of 300 consultations performed by each student. Cutting-edge technical teaching starting from the first year, with approximately 800 hours throughout the course.

#3 Cutting-edge technical teaching

Cutting-edge technical teaching starting from the first year, with approximately 800 hours throughout the course.

#4 Two exclusive Chiropractic Clinics

Each campus has a clinic where students perform the 300 consultations required to complete their training. They are supervised by a team of experienced clinicians and receive their patients individually in one of 50 treatment rooms.

#5 Committed teachers:

80 chiropractors, doctors, researchers and university professors, teaching various subjects and 50 clinicians, all experienced chiropractors.

#6 amazing infrastructures and technical equipment

Most amazing infrastructures and technical equipment in Europe: 8,000 m² of space, 5 amphitheatres, 5 classrooms, 8 practice rooms, 2 Force Sensing Tables, 4 Anatomage® tables, 200 treatment tables, and research, anatomy and radiology labs.

#7 Educational support

Throughout the programme: continuous assessment, individualised support, tutoring, and everything our students need for the successful completion of their education.

#8 Career guidance

 Career guidance throughout the programme, with in-depth career preparation during the fifth year.

#9 A lively student community:

A BDE (student union) that helps make student’s life fun and fulfilling and reinforce the relationships between our students, as well as two organisations: Kheir d’Afrik, a humanitarian chiropractic association; and the WORLD CONGRESS OF CHIROPRACTIC STUDENTS (WCCS), which sets up exchanges and events for chiropractic students around the world.

#10 A graduate network

A graduate network, Alumni, which serves as a source of discussion and transmission.