How long does a consultation last?

The first consultation at the Clinic lasts 1.5 hours, since this is the time needed to take a full medical history. The student will ask you to provide all useful information regarding the problem that prompted your visit, as well as your history of illnesses, accidents, hospitalizations, treatments, and your family history and lifestyle. The next consultations will last around 45 minutes, the time needed to assess the problem and continue the treatment plan.


Are these consultations covered by insurance?

As with all paramedical practices, chiropractic is not covered by the national health insurance plan. However, many supplementary insurance plans do cover chiropractic consultations since they are considered effective.
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Does it hurt?

Pain is a signal that informs the body of a problem. In response, chiropractic treatment aims to reduce or eliminate pain caused by certain conditions. The treatment methods used by chiropractors are not painful, even when there is cracking, which is neither dangerous nor painful. Pain may persist several days after a chiropractic session, but if it lasts too long, a new visit is needed.


Do I need to consult a doctor before seeing a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is called “first-line” therapy, meaning that you do not need a prescription to make an appointment at one of IFEC’s Clinics or with a chiropractor. If a chiropractor thinks that your condition does not fall under his/her expertise, he/she will advise you to consult the most appropriate doctor.


Are x-rays required for a consultation?

Any exams, x-rays, scans and MRIs that you have may be useful for the chiropractor’s diagnosis. However, these are not required and the student will make the diagnosis based on your medical history and his/her clinical exam. Your student may advise you to undergo complementary exams, depending on his/her chiropractic diagnosis.


Are there any contraindications?

Consultations at IFEC’s Clinics are open to anyone over the age of five. However, certain conditions may not be treated by chiropractic. Your student will make this determination during the first consultation.


Can children be treated at the Clinic?

Children over the age of five may receive treatment at IFEC’s Clinics, as long as they have parental authorization and are accompanied by an adult. For children under the age of five, contact an independent chiropractor who can treat babies and young children.